The Importance of Having the Right Economic Foundation

The current COVID-19 pandemic has exposed major cracks in the economic infrastructure of African nations and set them back for years to come. They must focus on building out export industries if they hope to insulate themselves in the future.

Africa’s Leaders Are to Blame for Africa’s Poverty

Failed leadership and policymaking has kept the vast majority of African countries in poverty. African leaders must take a page out of South Korea’s book and focus on export-oriented industrialization in order to prosper.

China’s Template for Economic Success

The economic rise of China is a great model that African countries can study and begin to implement. In under half a century, China was able to go from an economically struggling country to a global superpower.

The Importance of Governance Competence

There have been numerous examples throughout the Asian continent of successful countries rising to power through governance competence. However, when you review the current landscape of the African continent, that list is painfully sparse.

The Economic Rise of South Korea

The task of building an economy from the ground up is not unique to African countries. South Korea, a country without prominent natural resources, is a brilliant success story of what can be achieved with strong leadership and economic vision.

The Quest for Prosperity

As African countries continue to fight for a place in the global arena, it is paramount that they reflect on the history of successful countries and businesses to help guide them to economic success.

Economic Emancipation of African Countries

As economies around the world cope with the crippling COVID-19 coronavirus, so too must African countries on top of their current issues of lackluster leadership and prevalent corruption.