Why It will Work

Why “Unleashed” will work: The most compelling reasoning of the treatise is to make success a function of what African leaders do within their borders as opposed to what others can help them to do. The ideas in “Unleashed” can be implemented by any country and any government regardless of the prevailing financial condition, physical and population size, or material endowment of the country.

  1. Practicality: Unleashed is practical and useable.

a)With great exposure, it will be difficult for African leaders to avoid questions about implementing many simple and practical; yet profoundly functional, relevant as well as proven ideas in “Unleashed.” Ideas that include specific, implementable ways in which African countries can build competitive and productive economies and evolve prosperous societies.

b)There are ideas about developing indigenous companies that will compete for markets abroad.

c)“Unleashed” discusses how to engender an environment in which the business of manufacturing or producing value added goods for export will not only thrive but in fact become the preeminent choice of business startups for businesses and entrepreneurs.

d)There are suggestions for creating societies that have infinitely better governance structures by investing time and energy into solving the issues that make interaction with various sectors of the administrative implement of governing very unpleasant for indigenes and foreigners alike.

e)There are specific ideas for transforming countries into a veritable magnet for entrepreneurship; by introducing business incentives, administrative reforms and vigorous information dissemination, that will make countries an ideal place to establish and conduct business for indigenes and foreigners alike.

f)“Unleashed” implores African leaders to accomplish the most basic imperative of their mandate; which is to work hard to find, develop and implement practical solutions to all the problems plaguing the proper functioning of society—including public service delivery, corruption, sanitation and esthetics in their countries, to mention a few.