The Importance of Having the Right Economic Foundation

The current COVID-19 pandemic has exposed major cracks in the economic infrastructure of African nations and set them back for years to come. They must focus on building out export industries if they hope to insulate themselves in the future.

African Industry Continues to Stall as Global Economy Booms

Big business, industry, champion companies; whatever you want to call it, it is the driving force behind the growth of countries’ economies. As the global economy booms, we have example after example of stand out companies from successful countries all across the world.

Re-Engineering Development in African Countries Part 5: The Heavy Lifting

[fusion_text] This article is a continuation of Re-Engineering Development in African Countries Part 4. Truth #6 The sixth is to compartmentalize each challenge by creating mission-specific teams. To successfully manage every aspect of re-engineering for change, leadership should create nuclei of working groups or mission-teams within a master-plan of tasks. In my book, “Unleashed, A […]

How African countries can use “Offset” in domestic procurement

Part of the mission of our newsletter, Unleash Africa, the website, unleashafricantrade.com blog, and the book, “Unleashed: A New paradigm of African Trade with the World,” is to share useful information with readers and, hopefully, leaders and policy-makers of African countries. The intention is to make an impact on several fronts. (1) To stimulate intense […]