US Business and Missed Opportunities in African Countries

U.S. business has missed many opportunities in African Countries.In discussing whether or not US business should be more interested in doing business in African countries, it is important to be specific about what the statement relates to. US businesses are in Africa, by the hundreds in fact. The question is not whether US business is […]

“Tear-jerkers” for checks: NGOs and African countries

That “Aid” has never lifted any country from poverty is a historical fact. The most important principle in providing aid should be to, first, do no harm, the doctor’s creed. Applied to aid and the dispensing of it, it means that aid should not worsen the present or future condition of the recipient. It means […]

Why “Unleashed”

The answer is that every African country can find itself in “Unleashed,” because it sketches the challenges most if not all African countries have experienced since the dawn of Euro-militaristic-economic-entrepreneurial mercantilism and their struggle since that encounter to cope, respond and find their own footing. In addition the millions of business people, activists, NGO community […]


“Unleashed” propounds answers to the issue of unnecessary poverty in African countries by suggesting specific tried and tested ideas and institutional structures that will enable sustainable economic development in every African country.